Protecting Yourself from Counterfeits

Okay so you have read the techniques on detecting counterfeit jars. And you are fairly well convinced that the jar you are about to bid on at eBay is, in fact, genuine. However..., there is still that slight lingering feeling that says - "Could I be wrong? Did I miss something?" Until you can physically hold and inspect the jar to assure yourself of it's authenticity this nagging feeling will persist, no matter how long you mull over it or how many questions you ask the seller. Especially when you are forking out many hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned dollars.

Is there a way that you can protect yourself from the possibility of purchasing an expensive counterfeit cookie jar on eBay?

The answer is YES!
How? Use an escrow service.

When serious cookie jar collectors feel a need for that extra level of security they turn to an escrow service. This is a service company where buyers can "park" their payment for a small fee, while waiting to receive and inspect their purchase. When the buyer "accepts" the merchandise the escrow company is notified and the funds are then released to the seller.

This service works for both buyer and seller because:

For the Buyer

1) It ensures that an expensive item is properly shipped and received.
2) Allows the buyer to physically inspect the item for authenticity and/or
verification of described condition.
3) Allows buyer to use a credit card when the seller may not be equipped for
their acceptance.
4) Gives the buyer an extra layer of protection when a seller has little or no
established track record on eBay.

For the Seller
1) It ensures that the funds are in place and secured before the item is
2) It protects sellers from fraudulent credit card purchases on high end items.
3) Creates a means to overcome bidders hesitation about counterfeits.
4) It gives credibility to their guarantee of authenticity.

EBay only uses The service
typically is used for purchases of $500 or more, however due to the prevalence of counterfeits, cookie jar collectors should consider using it for any jars over $250. The service fee is usually paid by the buyer, and should be considered as an insurance cost.

If you plan to use this service, it is best to contact the seller with a short email stating that you are very interested in the jar being offered. Ask politely if the seller is willing to accept the use of an escrow service, to address any concerns about authenticity. State that you will begin aggressively bidding for the jar as soon as you receive an affirmative reply. Also state that you will be using and provide a link in the event that they are not familiar with the service.

If you receive no reply or a negative reply from the seller, consider yourself fortunate to be able to pass on bidding for this particular jar, as no legitimate dealer with an original high end vintage item will object to the use of and escrow service. It protects them as much as it protects you.


To learn more about how this whole process works here is a link to eBay's page about using an escrow account.

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