Robinson Ransbottom Cookie Jars

robinson ransbottom cookie jars Army Manrobinson ransbottom cookie jars Cow Jumped Over the MoonRobinson Ransbottom Pottery, aka RRP Roseville, is commonly confused with Roseville Pottery Co. They were two separate companies, both formerly doing business in Roseville, Ohio, and both companies are now out of business. All RRP is collectible, and their vintage cookie jars have done well, especially now that they have closed.

The company was originally founded as Ransbottom Brothers Pottery, by Frank Ransbottom in Beem, Ohio, one mile north of Roseville, Ohio. Frank and his three brothers, Ed, Johnie and Mort, grew up in the pottery industry. Their father, Alfred, operated the Bluebird Potteries in Ohio, and was one of the area's most successful jobbers of stoneware products. The four brothers acquired the defunct "Oval Ware and Brick Company" in the fall of 1900 and after some much needed repairs, they began production early in 1901.

The earliest products were jardinieres, cuspidors and red flower pots, but as the business grew they rapidly became a leading producer of stoneware jars. By 1916, Ransbottom Pottery had become the world's largest manufacturer of stoneware jars. In 1920, the company merged with Robinson Clay Products Company to form the Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Co. With this merger production expanded into the gardenwares, housewares, and giftwares fields.

Identifying Vintage Robinson Ransbottom Cookie Jars

Because many of its products are marked with the word Roseville, a lot of people confuse Robinson Ransbotton cookie jars with Roseville Pottery. However, you can usually identify Robinson Ransbottom cookie jars by the "RRP Co." mark incised on the bottom of the jar. Also often included is a model number, such as "No.359".

Vintage Robinson Ransbottom Cookie Jar Prices

As is true of all collectibles the "law of supply and demand" controls prices, and Robinson Ransbottom cookie jars are no exception. Some of the more common jars, such as "Chef" and "Sheriff Pig" can readily be found for under $100, while the harder to find jars like "Whale with Hat" or "Frosty the Snowman" have been known to command prices in the $500 to $800 price range.

One of the easiest ways to get an idea of the value of a particular jar, or to find out how much yours may be worth, is to see if any others like it have sold recently on eBay. And if so at what price? Do this by going to eBay Here , and clicking on the 'advanced search' button at the top of the menu bar. This will bring you to a more detailed search screen. Enter your cookie jar description and manufacturer, such as "Robinson Ransbottom Oscar Cookie Jar" then check the 'completed listings only' box and hit enter. This will bring up a list of all jars that fit your description sold on eBay during the last month with the prices they sold for. (PLEASE NOTE: You must be a logged in member of eBay to use this feature. If you are not a member, sign up is FREE and you can do it here.)

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It is important to note that the following cookie jars are auction listings, over which this site has no control with respect to their vintage authenticity. Collectors should take the precautions outlined in "Fakes and Counterfeits" prior to bidding on any vintage cookie jar over $100.



Price: $39.99 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 1d 6h 6m
Robinson Ransbottom Antique Cookie Jar With Hand Painted Flowers, Excellent

Robinson Ransbottom Antique Cookie Jar With Hand Painted Flowers,  Excellent

Price: $24.95
Buy It Now: $35.00
Time Left: 2d 13h 2m
Robinson Ransbottom Owl Cookie Jar Lot 3244

Robinson Ransbottom Owl Cookie Jar Lot 3244

Price: $5.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 2d 19h 18m
Vintage Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Cookie Jar Rosesville Ohio

Vintage Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Cookie Jar Rosesville Ohio

Price: $39.95 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 3d 8h 18m
Robinson Ransbottom Chef Cookie Jar

Robinson Ransbottom Chef Cookie Jar

Price: $30.00 (2 Bids)
Time Left: 4d 10h 47m

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