American Bisque Cookie Jars

american bisque cookie jars Olive Oylamerican bisque cookie jars MajoretteAmerican Bisque cookie jars are second only to McCoy Potteries in the number produced. It started in business during WWI in Williamstown West Virginia in 1919 as a Kewpie doll manufacturer as these were prohibited from being imported from Germany during that time. They later expanded to the production of lamps, planters and vases, bowls, serving dishes, ashtrays, kitchenware, and eventually the colorful cookie jars valued by collectors today.

In 1937 the plant was flooded, by the Ohio River. After being reopened it was struck by fire and completely destroyed in 1945. The plant had to be entirely rebuilt from scratch. Years of decline and a sagging market forced American Bisque to be sold in 1982, to Bipin Mizra who operated the plant as American China Company for the sole production of airline chinaware. However in 1983 to doors of the American Bisque factory closed for good.

Very few American Bisque cookie jars are solid colors. They shied away from fruits and vegetables, too, opting instead for a vast array of airbrushing colors and designs that favored animals, people and cartoon characters. Today many collectors cherish the more detailed designs and relief of American Bisque cookie jars over McCoy.

Identifying Vintage American Bisque Cookie Jars

Identifying American Bisque cookie jars can often be frustrating. In most cases they did not mark their jars with anything other than a simple "USA", or occasionally a number. Others were marked with the abbreviation "A.B. Co.". Some jars left the plant with paper labels that have long since disappeared. However you can usually identify American Bisque cookie jars by their unique large wedge shapes on the bottoms.

Vintage American Bisque Cookie Jar Prices

As is true of all collectibles the "law of supply and demand" controls prices, and American Bisque cookie jars are no exception. Some of the more common jars, such as "Cookie Bag" and "Coffee Pot" can readily be found for under $25, while the harder to find jars like "Olive Oyl" or "Sweet Pea" have been known to command prices in the $2000 to $3000 price range.

One of the easiest ways to get an idea of the value of a particular jar, or to find out how much yours may be worth, is to see if any others like it have sold recently on eBay. And if so at what price? Do this by going to eBay Here and clicking on the 'advanced search' button at the top of the menu bar. This will bring you to a more detailed search screen. Enter your cookie jar description and manufacturer, such as "American Bisque Yogi Bear Cookie Jar" then check the 'completed listings only' box and hit enter. This will bring up a list of all jars that fit your description sold on eBay during the last month with the prices they sold for. (PLEASE NOTE: You must be a logged in member of eBay to use this feature. If you are not a member, sign up is FREE and you can do it here.)

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It is important to note that the following cookie jars are auction listings, over which this site has no control with respect to their vintage authenticity. Collectors should take the precautions outlined in "Fakes and Counterfeits" prior to bidding on any vintage cookie jar over $100.

Vintage American Bisque Elephant Sailor Cookie Jar

Vintage American Bisque Elephant Sailor Cookie Jar

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