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The OLD COOKIE JAR SHOP is THE online auction portal for finding collectible vintage cookie jars at affordable prices.

Late in 1929, Brush Pottery Co. introduced it's Kolorkraft #344. It was a fluted ceramic canister with a heavy lid and the word "COOKIES" embossed on the front. This jar is considered by many to be the first ceramic cookie jar. Every since that day Americans have had a love affair with cookie jars.

Cookie Jar enthusiasts are among the most avid of all collectors. What makes this so it not exactly known, but one theory is that cookie jars represent a connection to some favorite memories of childhood. A simpler time when sneaking into grandma's kitchen and slipping a hand into her "magic jar" always meant a delight. And getting caught would just mean a wink and a smile; and the sharing of a secret with someone you loved.

For whatever reason you collect, THE OLD COOKIE JAR SHOP is your internet connection to online cookie jar auctions. A place where you can quickly locate the available jars from the major manufacturers of the golden age of cookie jars - the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Manufacturers like Abingdon, American Bisque, Brush, California Originals, Doranne of California, Hall, Hull, McCoy, Metlox, Red Wing, Regal China, Robinson-Ransbotton, Roseville, Shawnee, Treasure Craft and Twin Winton. Very often you will find these jars at yard sale prices.

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Often cookie jar collectors are limited by budget and space to just a few select pieces. This site will enable you to locate the exact jar that you are looking for at a price you are willing to pay. If you miss it this time, don't worry, just check back often. Your jar will soon reappear. Bookmark us in your 'favorites' section so you will be able to check back soon.